A Happenchance Helped This Couple Conceive In Just One Attempt

A Happenchance Helped This Couple Conceive In Just One Attempt

A Happenchance Helped This Couple Conceive In Just One Attempt

Not every pregnancy journey is smooth sailing. 

After trying to conceive (TTC) for more than a year, N. Fiz and her husband stumbled upon the Applicator — thanks to a Google search. And in just one try, they became pregnant!  

Here’s how they went from multiple negative pregnancy tests to a big fat positive. Read all about their pregnancy journey and more below. 

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your partner.

A: My name is N. Fiz, 28 years old this year and I work as a Logistics Admin. My husband is a year older and works as an Events Planner. We were TTC naturally for around a year before we decided to seek alternative conception options.

Q: How did you hear about twoplus Fertility and what led you to trying the Applicator? 

A: My husband happened to randomly search ‘SG sexual health wellness’ on Google and chanced upon a Channel News Asia article on twoplus Fertility. After reading the article, he then went on YouTube to research more about the conception aids that twoplus Fertility sold. 

We were quite skeptical at first because we were wondering how an aid like the Applicator would help us conceive. Taking into consideration the affordable price tag, reviews online and hours spent researching about twoplus Fertility, we decided to go ahead and give it a shot. 

Q: Did you face any struggles prior to conceiving and if so, did you see a fertility specialist?

A: We did face some discomfort when it came to procreative sex and was waiting for our fertility specialist appointment when we tried the Applicator. But that’s now history given that we are pregnant! 

Q: Did you make any lifestyle or dietary changes to improve your chances of conceiving? 

A: During this 1 year and 2 months of trying for a baby, we made no lifestyle changes. 

Q: How was your experience with the Applicator? 

A: The instruction manual that came along was extremely informative, which made the entire process straightforward. During insertion, I had experienced no pain or discomfort, and the deed was completed within 3 minutes. 


Q: Would you recommend the Applicator to other couples who have trouble with TTC? Why? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Applicator to my friends and family. 

I know that the idea of using a conception device might be a little weird to most, but I would really urge those who have been TTC to keep an open mind and give it a shot. Afterall, the twoplus Fertility Applicator is backed by science and designed with experienced fertility specialists. 

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