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The science behind the Applicator

How does it work

The science behind the Applicator

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Sadly not pregnant yet, but overall it has been a good experience using the products. The applicator is easy to use. The fertility buddy is friendly and gave some useful tips. The buddy also helped me rescheduling the deliveries, making it very convenient for me.

However, I'm not sure whether the ovulation tracking will be useful, especially that my cycle is not very regular. The analysis is out only after completing 20 days, so the estimation can only be used in the next cycles (which may change again).

In terms of applicator packaging, I feel that it is too excessive. Maybe it can be simplified for this 5-month plan. For example, all the 3 sets can be put in one box, and there is no need to give an instruction leaflet paper for each set.

Worked on first cycle

I’m here to tell you it works. We tried IUI twice and failed. We tracked my ovulation using the kits and inseminated on peak day. 14 days later we tested for a positive pregnancy. We have since had our baby boy back in November and cannot wait to use this kit again.

Pregnancy success with Applicator

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant after having used the applicator. I used to read the reviews on here and be dubious but I genuinely recommend this to anyone struggling with conception for any reason; particularly those with Vaginismus.

Anna Cooper
Fab product, worked for first time

What a fantastic product. After a failed round of IVF I was told I had <9% chance of conceiving at my age naturally (41). I used the product the day before, during and after ovulation and it we are now pregnant! ❤️ I worry how many other ladies are being told they need costly, invasive treatments when in fact nature just needs a helping hand.


Have used for one cycle only at this point and unfortunately it didn't work. However, the mechanism is straightforward and I did not find it uncomfortable. I wasn't 100% I had secured it in the correct way and there is probably a knack to it. Instructions are clear. As with another review there is way too much packaging in my opinion. I'd rather more basic if it brought the price down! On price, yes it isn't cheap. In collaboration with digital ovulation tests and other things to ensure you time using the applicator correctly it does add up, however it is cheaper than a similar product available to buy. I can't say for sure if I will keep using it at this stage.