Safe and Effective Home Insemination: Beyond the "Turkey Baster" Method

The term "turkey baster pregnancy" might conjure up images of Thanksgiving dinner, but it has also become an informal term for an at-home insemination method using basic syringes. This method is often depicted humorously in media, yet it's far from the best option for those serious about starting a family. The risks associated with improper tools are real—from lack of precision to sanitation concerns.

Science Offers a Better Way in 2024: Choose FDA-Approved Home Insemination Kits

For couples facing challenges with traditional intercourse or seeking a more controlled insemination process, science offers a safer, more reliable alternative - FDA-Approved Home Insemination Kits. In the US, home insemination kits must meet stringent FDA standards, ensuring they are safe and effective for home use.

Unlike the makeshift "turkey baster" method to get pregnant, the twoplus Applicator is an FDA-cleared tool designed specifically for home insemination. Trusted by over 10,000+ couples worldwide, this applicator ensures a precise, comfortable and infection-free experience. 

Why the $43 twoplus Applicator is a Smart Investment Over $5 Syringes

While cheap syringes might seem appealing, the twoplus Applicator offers superior benefits that make a huge difference for couples trying to get pregnant at home: 

  • Precise delivery of sperm close to the cervix, 
  • Sanitary and safe for home use, 
  • So comfortable that you can hardly feel it

twoplus Applicator

Regular Syringe (“Turkey Baster”)

FDA-cleared, safe for home use

May not pass safety regulations

Rounded tip delivers > 90% of semen

Pointed barrel traps some semen

Tampon-sized for painless insertion

Pointed barrel traps some semen

Medical-grade plastic to preserve sperm motility

Thin plastic meant to deliver medicine, and not sperm

Looped handle for easy, single-handed use

Both hands required, awkward to self-inseminate

How to Home Inseminate Safely and Effectively in 2024
  • Step 1: Select an FDA-Cleared Kit: Opt for a reputable brand like twoplus, known for its high standards and ease of use.

  • Step 2: Follow Detailed Instructions Included in the Kit: The twoplus Applicator comes with clear instructions, ensuring that anyone can use it confidently.

  • Step 3: Make The Best Use Of Each Cycle: Inseminate up to three times per cycle during your fertile window to increase success rates. (Pro tip: Combine home insemination with Ovulation Tracking Kits to pinpoint your most fertile days!)