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Say goodbye to the stress of timed intercourse and reduce immediate semen leakage with the Applicator Extra.

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“My partner and I were struggling with penetration while TTC for 1 year and 2 months. After reading about twoplus’ founders story and going through the list of medical advisors, we were convinced! We got pregnant after using the Applicator once!”

- N. Fiz

“I found out I had endometriosis and went through 2 SO IUIs with a miscarriage. As there were multiple injections required for SO IUI, I decided to take a break and chanced upon twoplus Fertility. I timed the Applicator usage with my ovulation cycle and used 4 Applicators in total and I am now pregnant!”

- C. P.

“My wife is now 5 weeks pregnant after using the twoplus Applicator once! The Applicator is more cost effective than other fertility treatments like IUI and IVF which were not natural.”

- Teoh C.

“I would recommend anyone trying to conceive without success to give the twoplus Sperm Guide a chance. It has literally helped us complete our family!”

- Kate B.

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Get to know your body better and make the most out of it. Our at-home fertility tests and treatments will put you in the best position when trying to conceive.

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Our conception aid products are designed with a combination of extensive scientific research and cutting-edge engineering. No BS (bogus science) here.

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Hormone Test Kit

Clarifying your reproductive health


Safe & comfortable at-home insemination

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Backed By Science. Trusted By Couples.

twoplus Fertility’s at-home fertility tests and treatments are created with the latest in medical science and technology, helping to increase your odds of conceiving. It’s your turn to be a part of these success stories!

“Checking your hormone levels is an excellent indication of your fertility. At your convenience, and verified by a medical professional, the twoplus Hormone Test Kit provides a clear overview of your female fertility health so you know what your options are when you're trying-to-conceive."

Michael Eisenberg, MD

Male Reproductive Specialist, California

Things not working out?

twoplus Fertility's home conception sets are backed-by-science and quality is assured. However, we understand that things just don't work out sometimes. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. Drop us a line and we'll work it out with you!

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