Frida Fertility Alternative: twoplus Applicator FDA-Cleared Home Insemination Syringe

Trying to conceive can be a journey, and choosing the right tools matters. Here's how twoplus Applicator compares to Frida Fertility and why it might be the perfect partner for you.

What Makes twoplus Different

Let’s Compare twoplus To Frida Fertility

twoplus Applicator

Frida Fertility At-Home Insemination Set


Designed by a Stanford engineer

No. of kits per cycle



HSA/FSA eligible

Ships from US

Success stories

Designed for single-handed use

Individually sealed

But Frida Fertility’s kits are cheaper.

That’s a great point! Price is definitely an important factor to consider. However, Frida Fertility's kits are not currently FDA-cleared, unlike the twoplus Applicator. FDA clearance is a critical factor because it is now a requirement for ALL home insemination devices sold in US and it signifies our applicator has undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety, effectiveness, and ease of use. This means you're getting a product that's reliable, minimizes health risks, and is easy to use at home without medical help.

In addition, we offer a first-time user discount code [NEW10] and discounts for multi-cycle packs to help make the Applicator more accessible to TTC couples. 

But Frida Fertility seems to be more popular in the US.

We may be a newer company, but we’re rapidly growing for a reason! We cater to a global audience with a mission to help 1 million couples on their conception journey – heterosexual, LGBTQ+, single mothers by choice – because everyone deserves to build a family. Our Applicators are already loved by over 10,000 couples internationally across all backgrounds, and we are willing to be alongside you during your fertility journey!

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