What are Home In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Kits?

Home IVF kits have been making headlines for offering a more convenient alternative to traditional IVF. These kits typically include medications for ovarian stimulation, ovulation tracking tools, and instructions for egg retrieval preparation – all done at home with minimal doctor interaction.

However, fertility specialists strongly advise against at home IVF kits. The biggest concern lies in the lack of medical monitoring: 

  • Medications used for egg stimulation require close supervision to avoid serious side effects like Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). 
  • Regular bloodwork and ultrasounds performed by a doctor are crucial for adjusting medication dosage and ensuring patient safety.
  • Not regulated by FDA, raising questions about their effectiveness and potential health risks

While at home IVF kits may seem appealing for its convenience and cost, it's crucial to prioritize your health and safety. Consider FDA-cleared home insemination kits as a safer home-based fertility solution as these kits have gone through thorough safety checks. Always consult with a qualified fertility specialist to guide your fertility journey effectively.

Home Insemination As A Method To Get Pregnant

A safer fertility treatment as compared to a home IVF kit is home insemination - an option that helps you get pregnant fast in the convenience and privacy of your home. Unlike at home IVF kits, home insemination doesn’t require medical assistance and monitoring which makes the getting pregnant process stress-free. Thus, it is no surprise that home insemination kits is emerging as a popular alternative for couples seeking a more affordable and stress-free path to conception. It is as simple as delivering collected sperm into the vagina using a medical-grade Applicator. Since the sperm is delivered in close proximity to the cervix, more sperm can travel towards the uterus.

Get Pregnant Safely with A FDA-Cleared Home Insemination Kit

If you're exploring home fertility treatments, consider the twoplus Applicator insemination kits. Specifically designed for at-home conception, these FDA-cleared kits offer a convenient and effective way to try to get pregnant quickly at home. Unlike IVF, using the twoplus Applicator allows you to:

  • Skip The Long Queues At Clinics: Perform the insemination in your own home, saving time on travel and clinic appointments.
  • Enjoy A More Intimate Experience: Home insemination offers a private and personal way to conceive, away from the clinical setting and medical audience when going with traditional fertility treatments such as IVF. 
  • A Financially Accessible Path To Pregnancy:  Home insemination offers an affordable solution with transparent, upfront costs that are only a fraction of those associated with traditional fertility treatments such as IVF. If you do not have complex fertility issues, trying home insemination is a sensible first step before considering more invasive and costly alternatives.

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